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The Banking Association of Slovenia has announced that from October 18, the amount that can be paid with a contactless card without entering a PIN will change. It will raise form 15€ to 25€. Therefore, if the amount is a maximum of 24.99€, the PIN won’t be necessary unless the customer reaches the maximum number of such purchases. The change applies to all Maestro, Mastercard and Visa cards.

POS terminals will be upgraded by the end of October, but the security element of an additional limit, which depends on the individual bank or savings bank and is set as the sum of the successive contactless payments made without entering a PIN remains. When this amount is exceeded, a PIN number must also be entered for amounts below 25€.

Exceptionally, you will also be required to enter a PIN for payments below 25€, if required by the POS terminal. According to our information, cards without the contactless payment will no longer be issued by the banks.

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