PCI DSS Certified

Accept payments with a secure card reader and a smart Android device.
Your phone is now a certified cash register and POS terminal interface. Take it with you or use it at your store.

Simple, secure, and modern acceptance of online payments.
The E-Commerce Platform allows you to accept online payments with credit cards, Moneta, SEPA, PaySafeCard and more.

Our customers


The registration and onboarding are quick, easy. You will receive a Card reader and an Android device with the printer to accept payments. If you would like to use your Android device (phone or tablet), you only need the printer  next to your Android device.

To start with the onboarding process, submit an Merchant Application and fill in the questionnaire.


There are several solutions for accepting online payments, including already existing modules for the most common online stores. To start with the onboarding process, submit an application through the Merchant Application portal and fill in the questionnaire. This will be followed by checking your website, general terms, and content.
For help on how to prepare a website to meet the required standards, please see our guide.

Advantages of the PayWiser system

Competitive pricing

In assessing risk and document verification, we want to offer the best price to ensure good and long-term cooperation.


Our online system ensures compliance with the regulations, transparent operations and secure payment card procedures.

Simple integration

PayWiser integration enables easy card payments worldwide and in physical stores.


We are aware that each merchant needs a tailored service and support that we develop through the integration process.


Paywiser services are compatible with most of the leading online stores.

Professional support

We offer comprehensive support for all the circumstances that are required in the payment process.

All in one solution

A comprehensive solution for accepting online payments and in physical stores..


PayWiser payment forms, Dashboard and Gateway services are equipped with an SSL certificate, which ensures the highest level of security of communication and gives the user the highest level of trust.

Safe use

The tokenization of credit card information virtually eliminates any abuse, while at the same time allowing users to easily carry out one-click purchases with different merchants.