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The PayWiser system offers complete card and mobile payment solutions through webpages or mobile applications. It is designed for sellers of various products and services through web-stores, SMS mobile texts or e-mail. It is especially appreciated by vendors, who do not need just single payments but also periodic (or installment) payments like affiliation fees, membership fees and other subscriptions.

Periodic and one-time payments are also available to outlets with virtual terminal MiniPOS.

PayWiser covers the whole process, from bank integration to processing payments. Our partners are companies who wish to offer their clients more services with better facilities, and also want a partner relationship with the payment system provider.


What to use? 


Integrated interface
  • API interface – For developers and companies who wish to take over the concern for PCI DSS compliance, API is safe and easy to implement and enable for fast development.
  • The Module for redirect payment – The perfect solution for all those who have started selling products and services online. At the last step of the purchase, the customer will be redirected to PayWiser payment page. This redirection ensures compliance with the rules of the PCI DSS and increases the level of payment security.
  • Interfaces for different online store – Check if the PayWiser interface for your web store already exists.
  • wiwaPay – e-wallet – coming soon …


Interface without integration
  • PayWiser 1-click payment interface – Web interface with customizable options, designed for selling a small number of different products.
  • PayWiser payment portal – Fully flexible interface where you can set one-time or periodic payments, make a reservation of funds, how and when to inform customers, record of payments and more.


All interfaces provide a high level of security and enable simple integration.
WebPayments form, Dashboard and Gateway system are equipped with an EV SSL. An EV SSL certificate offers the highest available levels of trust and authentication. The green address bar prominently displays company name and provides highly visual assurance to customers that our site is secure – immediately giving the customers the confidence to complete their transaction.

PayWiser offers you a complete service, including support for the processing of credit, debit and ATM cards, with the option of switch in a new customer in just a few hours at competitive prices, in the case of completed documentation and in the case of some niche products, for example. Recurrent payments, payment buttons and MiniPOS.

We take over the legal concerns and other details and discharge you of the bureaucracy.
We guarantee 100% compliance with all safety standards and provide local assistance and support.






  • Flexibility – you can customize our credit card payment processing tool to your particular needs.
  • Easy, simple, uncomplicated – application is in use only a few minutes after the signed contract
  • Competitive choice payment instruments – MasterCard and Visa cards (and their prepaid version), even Maestro cards and Moneta mobile payment. Paying is possible with all listed cards regardless of the issuer.
  • Support – you can reach us in different ways or you can even develop a maintenance contract and thus assure privileged treatment


  • csotChoose between different packages – you can choose between different packages according to your business model
  • Reduction of operating costs – competitive commercial conditions, periodical payments and a large time savings for you and the customer
  • Delay of payments & the cheapest means of payments – payment card transactions are cheaper than regular wire transfers, and they can be settled later
  • Almost without recovery of debts – card system guarantees the payment of any successful payment



  • Integration in your business environment – using the interface (API), PayWiser can adjusta exchange data with your business background
  • No additional hardware or software required – you only need web access to use PayWiser
  • Easy and quick integration – application programming interface (API) is simple, with some functions pre-set (by default)
  • Independent of the platform – for PayWiser usage you need only web access since the system can perform on your smart phone as well as your computer



  • EV-SSL certificate – Our WebPayments form, Dashboard and Gateway services acquired an EV SSL certificate, which offers the highest available levels of trust and authentication to your website.
  • Safe use and data protection – tokenization for payment process online prevent nearly all abuses and at the same time enable easy shopping experience with just one click at different retailers




  • Lower burden of employees – payment procedures are automatic, leaving your employees free to focus on other business enhancing tasks.
  • Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty – the services are simpler and less complicated
  • Automated Payments – Automate your customers’ payments for memberships, subscriptions, trials. Reduce repetitive hassle, retain your customers, increase your monthly income.



Supported payment types:


Payments are possible with all stated cards, regardless of the issuing bank.


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