MiniPOS is a virtual terminal installed on your Android device to process mobile, credit and also Maestro debit card transactions.

How do I use it?

MiniPOS enables multi user mode for accepting payments.
First you log-in with username & password (you can also skip this step), then choose the method of payment (card, Moneta or wiwaPay).
You can set single or recurring payments.


Login, Payment selection, Data input and optional SingatureCard Reader


For Credit Card payment the customer can manually enter the credit card data (and optional signature). If you have an additional device with a card reader (which you can purchase from us), the reader reads card’s data and you can make a transaction with a PIN.


MiniPOS Moneta Payment


For Moneta payments you do not need additional device. The application offers you a set of numbers the buyer has to enter in owns’ phone and thus make payment.

 Review of Payments


You will be instantly notified if transaction succeeded or failed.
MiniPOS offers also review of payments and cancelation of individual transaction, if necessary


More instructions are available here: Click to download PDF file.


Supported methods of Payment



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