Team and experiences


We are the group of development companies, operating under the brand PayWiser, represented by Intech d.o.o. We have more than a 15-year-old history of experiences in the field of payment systems, Moneta, integration of mobile payments for large companies (e.g. Mercator, Insurance AS). Among other things we have developed Paysafecard in Slovenia, a system for issuing, charging and management of prepaid MasterCard cards.
In the last two years, we have focused on the processing of payments and ticketing, which is the reason why we’ve also developed a system for processing debit and credit card and become a registered and qualified Payment Facilitator. We operate with the Clearhaus bank from Denmark, which has enabled us to process throughout the EU, though payments can be accepted worldwide. We are proud that we have achieved the status of a privileged partner, which has enabled us, in addition to traditional services for online payments accepting, to be able to offer more modern, mobile forms of payment and recurring payments.


Intech d.o.o.
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